Sunday, 9 December 2007

I Plead Temporary Insanity

Yes, m'Lud, there can be no other explanation.
It was clearly a case of Dominos. And it started like this.

Mr M and I went on holiday in September; we drove down the East Coast from Brisbane to Sydney (then a quick dash down to Melbourne).
We were looking for an ideal place to retire to - near the beach, views of waves, interesting coastline with snorkelling spots, not too cold in winter.

We found plenty of spots - now all we need to do is find the $5.5 million to buy one!

But that thought of moving led to other thoughts (such as arson as a redecorating technique). The thought of packing all our stuff is a major disincentive. Mr M is a big-time hoarder, and I do my bit too.

But I had a long hard look at some of the things I would NOT take, and this included several chests of drawers. They were cheap thin pine-and-ply, badly painted in not-nice colours, and second-hard when we got them over 25 years ago. Basically I had just put up with them, because, well, I just used them and learned to ignore how they looked.

So, I figured, why wait till I moved to have nice chests of drawers? So I went on a bit of a shopping spree, and bought four new chests of drawers - two tall-boys, one medium for a bedside (but it's much bigger than the usual bedside table) and a step-shape unit. This is the new home for my yarn.

One of the tall-boys went into the en-suite, where a shower should have been installed, but never was - it's a long story.

Yes, I know, m'Lud, this is a long story too, but I am getting to the point, really I am.

The tall-boy looked so nice, I just had to put a large vase of silk flowers on top of it, to stop it being covered with clothing, as would be inevitable otherwise.

Then the flowers looked so nice, I had to change the curtains.
Here is a pic of the old ones- black-and-white checks. They were recycled from elsewhere, about 22 years ago. The photo doesn't show the silverfish holes!

Fine, so far so good.

I then spent one-and-a-half HOURS looking for suitable fabric at my local store.
None of the ready-made or ready-to-hang stuff had the look I wanted, something to match the new look.

What, m'Lud, this all sounds reasonably sane? Well, here's the weird bit - I finally chose a fabric - one with FLOWERS on it.
Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not a flowers-and-lace kind of person. Plain, simple, or maybe bold and dramatic, but frilly girly stuff just isn't me.

It must have been temporary insanity - and it gets worse!

I swagged the curtain, and then put more silk flowers up on the curtain rod!And then, threaded beads onto the tie-backs!
And I like it, I really like it!

What's this all got to do with knitting? Well, that's for the next post...

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2paw said...

It looks very lovely but now I am afraid you may be knitting a toilet!!!!