Friday, 7 March 2008

E Is For Experiments

I do a lot of experimenting with my knitting. I'm probably reinventing the wheel a bit. Never mind. It's my way of hands-on learning.

I'm also experimenting with this blog post. The images are in a slide show format inserted below. Will it work?


2paw said...

Nice experiment!! I love seeing your 'swatches' but I can't read some of the text very well!!
I liked the vertical stripes attempt!! See you later on today!

Susie M said...

Sorry about the unreadable text!
Edited the slideshow so it should be fixed.
Google had resized some text to 12 pt, which we've discovered is illegible, even though if I were to post in 12 pt, it would be plenty big enough.
I suspect screen resolution plays a part too.