Wednesday, 21 May 2008

J Is For JJ

Here is my beautiful boy, age about two.

He was a delight at every age, although I had to work hard to stay connected during his teenage years. Watching Rage together and playing the same computer games helped.

There's some more about him in the slide-show below. Let me know if it doesn't work properly.

And here he is with his Choc Mudcake birthday cake, with candles, in March this year.
He's just turned 24.
P.S. JJ is not his name, nor his initials. It's the initials of one of his on-line nicknames.


Susan said...

Love the slide show, so cute. I think you should knit him mittens, they're not very hard & he deserves them.
(abc along)

V. said...

very nostalgic slide show any mother can share... Truly beautiful (and funny too)

kcc said...

he is gorgeous!! well done to you and hubby!