Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Naked Teapot

In a moment of blood rushing to my head, I bought this yarn:

I think it's Moda Vera Spell, but as I tend to forget to put a sample of yarn around the ball-band, and I have a lot of orphan ball-bands, I could be wrong.

Now, when I buy yarn, I usually have a project in mind, even if I don't have a specific pattern. I didn't have anything specific in mind for this.

I was just intrigued by the discussion with two fellow shoppers, Cindy and Toni, who said the pooling of the colours makes it look a little like embroidered flowers.

Some time later, I was making myself a cuppa, when the lightbulb went on! Aha! My naked teapot could use a teacosy, and maybe I'd get my second cuppa without having to microwave it hot (doesn't taste quite the same).

So I measured the circumference around the top and the bottom, measured everything else that needed measuring, did a quick swatch, did the maths, especially how many stitches to decrease, and then did the knitting!
The colour pooling does look a little like flowers, or perhaps a flock of butterflies in a meadow.

Finding the right coloured buttons is what took the longest. Of course, I didn't have two that matched. I don't mind - I quite like the quirkyness of mismatched buttons.

And now my teapot is roasty-toasty cosy, and my tea is hot!

(wanders off to have another cuppa ...)


Melinda said...

Lovely tea cosy! A perfect project for this yarn! I think it's most like butterflies... Did you invent the pattern then? Very clever of you :)

Susie M said...

Thanks, Melinda.
Yes, I made the pattern up myself. The teapot is not the usual fat-bellied shape, so I just had to work it out.

2paw said...

Yes, it is Spell!! I bought that Green colour to make a cardi!! My friend at the Knitting Coven has used just about every colour, but the green ends up looking like there are flowers embroideered on it. I love it, and your tea cosy too, very clever. I am in a tea cosy swap on The Ravelry!!