Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Beanie Bonanza

Oh, it's another beanie.

Here's how this happened:

Me to JJ:"Why aren't you wearing your new beanie?" (this one)

JJ:"It's a bit too tight."

Me:"Why didn't you tell me!"

JJ:"I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

later, JJ:"Oh, and if you're going to pull it apart, can you make it a bit longer too?"


That beanie did fit me, and Polly, without feeling tight. JJ must have a much bigger head than me!

So, I quickly knit up this one, as I didn't know how long it would take me to pull apart the other one, or how far back I would have to rip it back.

This yarn, a Katia one called Katrine, has an unusual texture - thick and chunky sections interspresed with thin sections not much thicker than thread. I figured it would have a fair bit of "give".
I bought two balls, and a ball of a contrasting colour, as I had no idea how much yarn I'd need with a texture like this. As it was, I had enough without having to use the contrasting colour.

I knit this top down and made the rise part extra long, and then kept knitting, and then a bit more. JJ said he likes to have it sit right down to the nape of his neck. That's what he got.I did block it, Polly helping out as usual. It would have been very lumpy and puckered otherwise. JJ immediately put it on once it had dried completely, and gave it the thumbs-up. Then he handed over the other one for modifications.

The frogpond is noisy today ...

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