Saturday, 14 July 2007

A Hat-Trick

And this makes three!

Three hats finished. This beanie is for (son) JJ. It's elegantly modelled by Polly, or, as this is for a boy, should that be 'Paulie'?

It's in Katia wool, Nepal I think. The colours came out a bit of a surprise - the outside of the ball looked like it was all blue, but it shaded through to grey, white then yellow. If it had been a bigger (longer) hat, it would have shaded back to blue again.

I blocked it gently - Polly helped with that. Blocking did make a difference to how well the stitches lay, especially on the crown where the increases are.

There was no specific pattern - I just kind of made it up as I went along. I knew what my gauge with that yarn is, (oh, yeah, I DID swatch!), and I knew what length from the crown, and what circumference I needed to have at the brim. It was just maths, after that. Whoever thought maths would be important!

Anyway, now JJ has a warm noggin.

PS. In case you're wondering what happened to Polly's 'skin'; no it's not acne scars, it's the unfortunate result of an attempt to spray-paint her gold to match another hat she was modelling. The paint dissolved the polystyrene!

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