Saturday, 7 July 2007

Firsty Work

I've actually finished something!

In my retail therapy shopping spree, I bought some chenille-style yarn, because I couldn't resist the soft feel of it.

I found a pattern I really liked, over here: a free cloche-style hat , and set to work.

Here is my finished hat, as modelled by the ever-patient Polly.

Now don't laugh - I know it's incredibly wonky and odd.

- it is the first hat I've ever knitted
- it is the first time I've ever knitted with a chenille-type yarn (and it too, needed 'wrangling' onto the needles)
- it's the first time I've ever used circular needles, or dpns

Here's a close up of the slightly odd texture, made that way because I knit funny - sort of a continental twist to each stitch; but I like it that way.

I really do wish patterns explained things a bit better. The pattern says to make one: m = make one, by knitting in the back of the next stitch and then knitting the st itself
but what it doen't say is that this will make a decorative hole as well as a new stitch.
I'm supposed to somehow just know that???

I frantically ripped back time after time to get rid of the holes which mysteriously appeared in my knitting. The photos on the pattern page do not show the tops of the hats, otherwise I would have twigged earlier what it was supposed to look like.

So, wonky and odd, it's done. It's a bit too big, and looks much too big on Polly's petite head. But I wear it, and it's very comfortable and warm.

When I have nothing else to do, (hah!) I will re-do it a little smaller.

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