Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A Basket Case

I got sick of my yarn and works-in-progress lying around in plastic bags, and of having to rummage for the right size needles.

Just at the right moment, a beautiful basket came my way; this one -

I got two large checked tea towels from the discount store.
I lay one on top of the other, at right-angles. The checks are not perfectly square, so the yellow lines don't line up. However, by lining them up anyway and sewing the two towels together along the lines, the top one belled out a bit, making pockets. This is exactly what I wanted.

And because one towel hung over the side by quite a lot, I folded that edge back up on itself, sewed along the yellow lines again, and made little pockets on the outside of the basket. These are perfect for all those small bits and bobs - stitch markers, needle gauge, yarn needles, etc. All ready to hand.

The inside pockets hold my needles sorted according to size. The same size circs go in with the long ones too. So now, when I need to find a needle size, it's really easy - no longer like trying to find needles in a haystack!

I really like my new work basket. (thanks, MIL)

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