Monday, 2 July 2007

Retail Therapy

We shopped.

My younger son (JJ, age 23 – not to be confused with J, the cat) came with me, as I had offered to knit him a beanie, and he was to choose the wool. We got a skein of Katia Nepal in blue/mustard/cream shades, and then I couldn’t resist some Katia Sherpa in cranberry with flecks for a hat for myself. Katia is a Spanish product; those are pure wool.

The Sherpa is still not a suitable yarn for the Bakers Boy hat – remember, the one that started this all off?

JJ was amazed at the range of wool available. He got all inspired by the colours, the textures, the possibilities, so we invested in some learn-to-knit kits and books for him, and another skein of
Nepal, this time in reds/oranges/browns.

That was not the end of the treasures snaffled. There was some chenille-type yarn which I couldn’t resist. Did I mention I’m a sucker for texture? Soft, so soft …

I’ve started JJ off on some spare yarn, one with a more conventional texture. I’m not a suitable teacher – I knit funny. More on that later …

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