Monday, 25 June 2007

Just Like Riding a Bicycle ...

They say it's just like riding a bicycle. You'll remember how to do it. Fine. But it presumes you know how to ride a bicycle in the first place!

I have done something extraordinary - for me, anyway.

I have taken up knittting.

I do try lots of different hobbies and crafts. This is one I tried in the early 80s, but didn't do very well.

I can remember having to do a stitch sampler at school - first year high school. I was utterly hopeless at it. My only available mentor was my mum, who couldn't really help me learn.
She had her own unique style of knitting, as she's a left-hander, and of German background, so it's a sort of "continental" style.

She did help, though. I remember she ended up knitting most of the sampler for me! My teacher never commented on the radically different stitch style or the marked improvement in quality. I vowed I would never pick up sticks again.

Well, what happened now? I was lazing around after the mid-winter bonfire at the Collingwood Childrens Farm, and browsed through our local magazine style paper. There was a knitting pattern in it - for a Bakers Boy hat. I really liked the look of it, and I thought "how hard could that be?" It couldn't be any harder than writing a computer program, or doing 3D animation (which is what I'm doing at college at the moment)

So, off to the store to buy wool.

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