Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Stitch Wrangler is Born

So, off to the store to buy wool. Oh, I should not be let loose in stores like that!

I just love the feel of anything soft, or smooth or bumpy or slinky - you get the idea. I shop with my fingertips and I'm a sucker for texture.

Anyway, the photo shows one ball from the two wound from my first skein. It's the smaller ball - didn't quite get the proportions right even though I weighed the first ball.
It's a New Zealand pure wool hand-dyed, with a very slubby texture; colourway is Blackberry.

And I started knitting again.

And thus was born the name for this blog.

That heavily textured yarn was really not a good idea for a first-time knitter, even if I am a re-learner. Each stitch had to be massaged onto the needles. Each stitch had to be manipulated, poked, prodded, pulled through. Each stitch had to be wrangled into place.

Each stitch ended up being formed several times, as it was just too easy to poke the needle through the wrong 'loop' - a loop of texture, rather than a stitch.

I tell ya, it was a really bad idea to start out with a wool like that.

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