Thursday, 24 January 2008

ABC-Along A Is For Anarchist

It's only the first letter of the ABC-Along, and already I've broken the rules!

The idea of the ABC-Along, as found here on Ravelry, is to "post a photo to their blog and/or the Flickr group every two weeks to correspond with a letter of the alphabet. Photos can be related to fiber, but do not have to be; they should reflect the personality of the photographer, and something of importance or meaning to them."

Apparently, the intent was it should be limited to ONE post on that letter, containing ONE image that best represents it for you, as in this clarification from the moderator's blog: "ETA: My intent – what I had in my mind – was ONE well-chosen THING and ONE well-chosen PHOTO to represent each letter; possibly several other photographs to illustrate and explore that thing, but not TWENTY different things for each letter. Choosing only one subject forces one to think and be disciplined. What is the BEST representation of YOU for a given letter? What is the best way to portray it, frame it, shoot it?"

Already I have broken that 'rule', with two posts, and now three, for "A"!

Well, I signed up for this because I was hoping the structure and discipline would help prompt me and push me to post more on my blog.

So, I will post more for each letter, as they inspire me - because that then is the best representation of me. Multi-faceted. Anarchic. Undisciplined. Unable to follow rules. Yeah - I don't think I've ever followed a knitting pattern exactly the way it was written, either.

I'm doing some colourwork using a chart I made from scratch, and I don't even follow that!

Besides, this blog was meant to be knitterly, and the things that best represent me wouldn't necessarily be knitterly. I've done a lot of things before I took up knitting fairly recently. So I will try to post at least one knitterly thing per letter, as well as the thing that best represents me, if that isn't knitting.

And if I get 'expelled', so be it!


2paw said...

Well, I await knitterly things eagerly!! I am not very good when structure is imposed upon me, I want to be contrary!! I think you can do whatever you want really, but anyhow, are there ABC-long police??!!!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Hahaha, I LOVE IT!!!