Saturday, 19 January 2008

A Is For Anniversary

Mr M prepares lunch

A Is For Anniversary

On New Year’s Eve, Mr M and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Despite that, we’re still best friends!

We packed a picnic esky and went down to the beach. We had a glorious lunch, complete with champagne and peeled grapes (he DOES spoil me!) after an exploring walk around the rocks.

The beach tent was essential so our salad didn’t fry!

Then we had a swim in the warm shallows, but not a snorkel – it was quite windy and the water was churned up and cloudy.

Ice-creams on the way home at dusk rounded out a beautiful day.

Later that night, we stood outside and watched the New Year’s Eve fireworks in the distance.

Not your usual anniversary dinner-and-red-roses deal, but it’s what we like.

Each year we take it in turns to come up with something to do to celebrate – this year it was my turn.

Come to think of it, nothing happens on the years that it isn’t my turn. It’s not that Mr M forgets; he’s actually very good at remembering - it’s just that he asks “What do you want to do?” It’s supposed to be a surprise. Duh.

Sometimes his customary consultative approach just doesn’t work.


Maybe next year …


2paw said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love the tent!!! You'll have to submit a selection of desired Anniversary outings from which he can them choose!!!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Happy Anniversary!!