Saturday, 19 January 2008

A Is For Architecture

Roof ridge detail, Melbourne

I've joined up with the ABC-Along on Ravelry.
I'm hoping it will spur me on to post to my blog a bit more frequently.

My "A" is for Architecture. I've been interested in architecture since third year high school. We were given a project to do for Art class, which was to design a room in a house. I did a bedroom, with a wrap-around desk-cupboard-drawers arrangement, and then made a 3-D model of it in cardboard, with teeny tiny cloth curtains.

I've been doodling with house designs ever since.

Mr M and I designed and built our house. It mostly works, in terms of passive solar energy. Where it doesn't work is where we had to compromise because of cost. Sigh.

I like the quirkyness of these witches' hat rooves.

There's quite a few of these around my local suburb
- it must have been the HOT style of its period.

I like the architecture of pre-Modern styles best - very little modern stuff appeals, and Federation Square (Melb) is an abomination - all style just for the sake of being controversial and no substance.

Lovely wooden verandah posts is Melbourne.
The verahndah has an equally lovely tessellated paving floor.

That's not to say I don't like ornamentation - I do, and love the almost frivolous nature of some of it. I particularly like Art Deco.
Beautiful tuckpoint multi-colour brickwork, in Melbourne.

I've already done a couple of posts about some architectural delights I have come across, here and here.

Look up, look up! Above verandah height, and see what's there.
Merchant's building in Fremantle - glorious dome!

Victorian lacework verandahs in Melbourne

No doubt there will be more architectural photos on my blog - I could fill pages and pages with them!


Beth said...

Beautiful pictures.

I rarely notice architecture but appreciate it when other people point it out.

Melinda said...

Beautiful! I love walking through the streets in the Inner West of Sydney, looking at the terraces and the heritage style buidings. Also I like the art deco apartments that seem to pervade our suburb. Now I feel that I've taken a stroll through a Melbourne suburb as well - thanks!