Monday, 28 January 2008

B Is For Books

I love books. How could ‘B’ go by without mentioning books!

I read prolifically and quickly. A standard novel might take me about three days. I usually have many books stacked around my feet, and I have several on the go at one time (bit like my knitting, come to think of it). *

*This is all pre-knitting. Knitting (and Ravelry!) has severely chomped into my reading time. Except for knitting books – seem to find time for those!

There is no predicting what will take my fancy to read, but it often relates to what’s going on in my head or my hobbies at the time.

The range of subjects is really diverse and wide-ranging. For fiction, I like Science Fiction/Fantasy and speculative fiction, historicals, who-dunnits (how come that ungrammatical phrase is acceptable?) murder mysteries, thrillers and so on.

The non-fiction is harder to categorise. Here’s my own little “ABC-Along” of some of the (mostly non-fiction) topics:

Architecture; & Art Deco

Boat Building; & Bear Making

Calligraphy; & Cooking

Dragons; & Dictionaries

Escher; & Explorers

Floral Art; & Flash Animation

Geography; Geology; & Grammar

Heraldry; & History

Illusions; Imaginary Worlds; & Illustrated Grays Anatomy (the medical text, not the TV series)


Kite Making; & Knitting (of course!)

Leadlight; & Languages

Macrame; & Maps; & Myths and Legends

Nostalgia; & Nursing

Oceans; & Oscar Wilde

Plants; & Photoshop

Quotations Dictionaries

Repairs and Restorations; & Royalty

Shakespeare; & Sewing; & Stanley Gibbons Stamps

Thesaurus; & Travel Guides (Lonely Planet)

Understanding Children; & University Textbooks


Writing; & World Atlases; & Web Design

Xanth (Piers Anthony series)


Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance


Kathy said...

The best realization I ever had was that I could check out book on CD from the library. Knitting AND "reading" at the same time!

2paw said...

Yes, books on CD are great. I am a holding the actual book reader though!! I love books more than knitting but much less than The Labradors!!